To nurture

In recent years, declines in ambition to learn and scholarly ability have become an issue; however, humans instinctively possess a natural desire to learn.
We believe that the basic goal of education and concurrently the job of teachers are to value individuality in schoolchildren, awake their natural desire to learn, and to bring out the ability in each child.
Wouldn°«t it be best then to change over from a philosophy for raising and educating children which relies on "assignment-based study" as this can allow for children to fall through the cracks, and instead implement an upbringing with guided learning, or "self-pursued study," which would awake a child°«s natural desire to learn, so that even if a child did slip away from his teacher°«s grasp, that child would still be motivated to pursue learning on his own? °»Learning System°… that would naturally and efficiently awake children°«s potential will to learn and bring out the abilities in each child is required.
We believe that this °∆Learning System°« is specifically the foundation that will give children independence as human beings.

Total Consulting of Environment for Education

We carry out total consulting of environment for education focusing on mainly the following three keywords.

Total Consulting of Environment for Education

Overseas Business

Fusion of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Know°°how on Education as well as Secure Business Continuity

Cooperating with telecommunication carriers in Japan and in the partner country, we aim to secure business continuity by organic fusion of know-how on contents service provision developed by those carriers (PC, service to mobile device etc., customer management, billing, copyrights management, and up-to-date technology such as 3G and smartphone) and our know-how on education provision service (self-educating, fusion of digital and analog, and cram school operation throughout the world).

Provision of Educational Opportunities to Promising Children at Low Cost

We offer educational opportunities at low cost to children who do not have the opportunities of receiving valuable services due to poverty and geographical restrictions while possessing quality of promising leaders and desire to learn. By providing equal service to people at every level regardless of their income and extending educational opportunities in accordance with their ability, we aim to make up for school education, enhance the quality, as well as secure the opportunities from primary education to higher education. In addition, we strive for a goal of improving domestic education level, producing a great number of leaders, and resolving the problem of poverty by increasing national power.

Deep Understanding of Issues by Field-based Observation as well as°°Flexible and Prompt Development of Solutions

We aim to execute projects and establish business model through local supporters°« deep understanding of issues and needs, efficient and effective investigation by close coordination with local NGOs and educational institutions, and flexible and prompt establishment of solutions and development on a business basis.

Educational Material Provision Business

Public Education Field
Elementary School, Junior High School, High School, College, Adaption Class, Special-needs School, Community Center, Municipal Hall, In-hospital Class, etc.
Private Education Field
Cram School, English Conversation School, Computer School, etc.
Welfare Sport Field
For the purpose of improvement of welfare for persons with disabilities and promotion of their independence and social involvement, we carry out total consulting of environment for education, collaborating with foundation and organization that manage a vocational aid center, a rehab center, and a daycare institution for children with disabilities.
We also support sport promotion projects for persons with disabilities as well as offer job and life assistance.