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A system to foster independent study skills on clarification between individual study and collaborative study

A learning system °»GLECTY°… clearly identifies °»learning that can be done only in groups°… (collaborative study) and °»learning that can be done individually°… (individual study) and cultivates children°«s skills to understand the self and to study spontaneously.
Children who acquire independent study skills experience the °»joy of understanding°… and show a boost in their interests and curiosity.
In addition, children acquire methods and cognition for how to resolve challenges or tasks that they discovered themselves, and become able to decide their next task and how to handle it.
It is in this way that children get a jump-start on learning, and °∆Continuous Learning°« is born.
"GLECTY" was developed by first considering °»children°«s educational activity through interaction with teachers,°… and then exploring an approach to study in a group, that is, collaborative study and individual study.
We believe that it is through interaction with people that children°«s interest and curiosity are peaked and deepened and this is what we term, °»Collaborative Education.°… That is exactly why the existence of teachers and friends is significant.

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GLECTY Learning System

A learning system "GLECTY" is the system for children to acquire independent study skills. We believe that the following approaches to children are necessary to realize it.

1) Show specifically °»what should be done next°…

"GLECTY" shows specifically °»what will be studied next°… and let children be aware of it. At this point, it is necessary to provide an appropriate challenge according to each child°«s proficiency level and characteristics.

2) Find a child°«s invisible achievement and provide a value

"GLECTY" presents each child°«s achievement, which ordinarily cannot be seen, to teachers, parents, and children in concrete forms.
A child°«s motivation to learn is cultivated through teacher and parent praise and expansion of the positive aspects in such qualities, and this produces children who have the drive to study on their own.
To continue these approaches is an extremely important point in the acquirement of independent study skills.
These approaches intrinsically begin through interaction between children, teachers, and parents.
Our learning system "GLECTY" cultivates independent study skills in children via Information and Communication Technology (ICT) while advancing such interactions.

Cultivate Self-judgment Ability

Cultivate the ability to think, understand, and judge by themselves

Cultivate Independent Study Skills

Shift to self-pursued study from assignment-based study

Cultivate Self Review Ability

Cultivate the ability to review what children have studied and confirm in a timely manner

Promote Communication

Promote communication by making children's achievements and good points visible.

Learning System °…GLECTY°…

Analog Functions


Print out worksheets according to the learners' understanding level

Seamless Answer Input

Collect correct/incorrect information while marking

Upload Original Contents

Customizable by adding original contents

Digital Functions

Learning Navigation

Suggest the appropriate learning tasks based on the learners' understanding level

Explanation by Animation

Newly employed explanation with interactive functions

Progress & Grade Management

Individual curriculum setting and real-time compile of the progress and grade

System & Contents Overview

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Cloud Platform for Education
PC, Tablet PC, Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, etc.
Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Google Chrome, Fire Fox, Safari, etc.
Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player

Principal Contents

[Worksheets] Basically Covered Subjects

Elementary School / arithmetic (grade 1-6), Japanese (grade 1-6), science (grade 3-6), social studies (grade 3-6)

Junior High School / mathematics (grade 1-3), Japanese (grade 1-3), science (grade 1-3), social studies (grade 1-3), English (grade 1-3)

[Animation] Basically Covered Subjects

Elementary School / arithmetic (grade 1-6)

Junior High School / mathematics (grade 1-3), English (grade 1-3)

[Repetitive Practice of Questions and Answers] Basically Covered Subjects

available for all subjects

[Curriculum / Grade Management] Basically Covered Subjects

available for all subjects